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Magnetron sputtering coating target


Metal sputter coating target, alloy sputter coating target, ceramic sputter coating target, boride ceramic sputtering target, carbide ceramic sputtering target, fluoride ceramic sputtering target, nitride ceramic sputtering Target, oxide ceramic target, selenide ceramic sputtering target, silicide ceramic sputtering target, sulfide ceramic sputtering target, germanide ceramic sputtering target, other ceramic targets, chromium-doped Silicon ceramic target (Cr-SiO), indium phosphide target (InP), lead arsenide target (PbAs), indium arsenide target (InAs).

High-purity and high-density construction targets are:

       Sputtering target (purity: 99.9%-99.999%)

       1. Metal target:

        Nickel target, Ni, titanium target, Ti, zinc target, Zn, chromium target, Cr, magnesium target, Mg, germanium target, Nb, tin target, Sn, aluminum target, Al, indium target, In, iron target, Fe, Zirconium aluminum target, ZrAl, titanium aluminum target, TiAl, zirconium target, Zr, aluminum silicon target, AlSi, silicon target, Si, copper target Cu, tantalum target T, a, tantalum target, Ge, silver target, Ag, cobalt target , Co, gold target, Au, ruthenium target, Gd, ruthenium target, La, ruthenium target, Y, ruthenium target, Ce, tungsten target, w, stainless steel target, nickel-chromium target, NiCr, ruthenium target, Hf, molybdenum target, Mo, iron-nickel target, FeNi, tungsten target, W, and the like.

       2. Ceramic target

       ITO target, magnesium oxide target, iron oxide target, silicon nitride target, silicon carbide target, titanium nitride target, chromium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc sulfide target, silicon dioxide target, silicon oxide target, cerium oxide target , zirconia target, antimony pentoxide target, titania target, zirconium dioxide target, cerium oxide target, titanium diboride target, zirconium diboride target, tungsten trioxide target, aluminum oxide target pentoxide Diterpenoid, antimony pentoxide target, magnesium fluoride target, cesium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target, silicon carbide target, tannic acid A lithium target, a barium titanate target, a barium titanate target, a barium titanate target, a nickel oxide target, a sputtering target, and the like.


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