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What are sputtering targets?


Magnetron sputtering is a new type of physical vapor deposition. Compared with the earlier evaporation deposition, it has obvious advantages in many aspects. As a mature technology, magnetron sputtering has been applied in many fields.

Principle of magnetron sputtering:

An orthogonal magnetic field and electric field are added between the sputtering target electrode (cathode) and anode to fill the required inert gas (usually Ar gas) in the high vacuum chamber. The permanent magnet forms a 250-350 Gauss magnetic field on the surface of the target material, which is composed of the orthogonal electromagnetic field and the high voltage electric field. Under the action of electric field, Ar gas is ionized into positive ions and electrons, and a certain negative high pressure is added to the target. The electrons emitted from the target electrode are affected by the magnetic field and the ionization probability of working gas is increased. A high density plasma is formed near the cathode. Under the action of Lorentz force, Ar ions accelerate to the target surface, bombard the target surface at a very high speed, so that the sputtering atoms on the target comply Based on the principle of momentum conversion, the film was deposited on the substrate with high kinetic energy Magnetron sputtering is generally divided into two types: Tributary sputtering and RF sputtering. The principle of tributary sputtering equipment is simple, and its speed is also fast when sputtering metal. In addition to the sputtering of conductive materials, it can also be used to sputtering non-conductive materials, while reactive sputtering is also used to prepare oxides, nitrides, carbides and other compounds. If the frequency of RF is increased, it will become microwave plasma sputtering. At present, electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) type microwave plasma sputtering is commonly used.

Target material of magnetron sputtering coating:

Metal sputtering target, alloy sputtering target, ceramic sputtering target, boride ceramic sputtering target, carbide ceramic sputtering target, fluoride ceramic sputtering target, nitride ceramic sputtering target, oxide ceramic sputtering target, selenide ceramic sputtering target, silicide ceramic sputtering target, sulfide ceramic sputtering target, telluride ceramic sputtering target , other ceramic targets, Cr SiO, InP, pbas, InAs.

High purity and high density construction targets include:

Sputtering target (purity: 99.9% - 99.999%)

1. Metal target:

Nickel target, Ni target, titanium target, Ti target, zinc target, Zn target, chromium target, Cr target, magnesium target, Mg target, niobium target, Nb target, tin target, Sn target, aluminum target, Al target, indium target, in target, iron target, Fe target, zirconium aluminum target, zral target, titanium aluminum target, TiAl target, zirconium target, Zr target, aluminum silicon target, AlSi target, silicon target, Si target, copper target, Cu target, tantalum target, t target, a target, germanium target, Ge target, silver target, Ag target, cobalt target, CO target, Au target, gadolinium target, Gd target, lanthanum target, La target, yttrium target, y target Cerium target, CE, tungsten target, W, stainless steel target, nickel chromium target, NiCr, hafnium target, HF, molybdenum target, Mo, iron nickel target, FeNi, tungsten target, W, etc.

2. Ceramic target:

ITO target, magnesium oxide target, iron oxide target, silicon nitride target, silicon carbide target, titanium nitride target, chromium oxide target, zinc oxide target, zinc sulfide target, silicon dioxide target, silicon oxide target, cerium oxide target, zirconium dioxide target, niobium pentoxide target, titanium dioxide target, zirconium dioxide target, hafnium dioxide target, titanium diboride target, zirconium diboride target, tungsten oxide target, aluminum oxide target Tantalum pentoxide target, niobium pentoxide target, magnesium fluoride target, yttrium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target, silicon carbide target, lithium niobate target, praseodymium titanate target, barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate target, nickel oxide target, sputtering target, etc.


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