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Quality precautions for recycling waste


In the recycling plastics base, sometimes we can smell a bad smell, which is directly related to the raw materials. The following are examples of precious metal recycling.

A company that produces PP recycled material bought 10 tons of raw material woven bags containing sulfur. The raw material is good and the price is reasonable. But when they bought it, they put it together with other white material bags. When they were cleaned and produced in pelletizer, there was a problem. A kind of irritating smell makes people hard to breathe, even continuous ventilation is not good, resulting in particle foaming. Can only stop production, all raw materials for the second time to carefully clean, extend the soaking time, and finally granulation. The situation has improved, but the particles are still foaming, resulting in the 40 tons of particles made from all raw materials on the site are all a little foaming, and a little strange smell. Reduce the selling price. Users go back to use, drawing is easy to break, smell bad, can only be used with other materials, even the surface finish of injection molded products can not reach! The results can be imagined!

Class II: a PE particle processing plant pulled the inner membrane of the raw material packaging bag of the chemical plant, pulled it back for a few days, and found that all the grass around the raw material yard was dead. Cleaning was carried out without attention. A small part of the sewage flowed into the nearby fish pond, and thousands of fish were all white bellied upward. The consequence is very serious! The third category: the processing plant is close to the river and has entered more than 10000 raw material bags of the printing and dyeing plant. I thought the effect was not great, but I didn't expect that the pigments were very strong. After four hours of cleaning, the 100m river course was discolored slowly. The report phones of the good person also let the environmental protection test arrive at the scene! The granulator must pay attention to the irritant taste, toxic packaging and Waste plastics harmful to chemical raw materials must be made clear if they can be produced. Otherwise, they will cause serious environmental pollution and lose money!


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