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Main uses of tantalum and niobium


1. Tantalum capacitor is made of indium ingot tantalum powder and tantalum wire. Tantalum capacitor is the best capacitor.

2. Tantalum products with high temperature resistance, good strength and rigidity, are high-quality materials for making heating parts, heat insulation parts and charging utensils for vacuum high temperature furnaces

3. Making corrosion-resistant tantalum niobium products tantalum niobium is a high-quality material resistant to acid, alkali and liquid metal corrosion, which can be used to make digesters, heaters, coolers, various utensils and devices in the chemical industry

4. The application in the aerospace industry is used to make the engine parts of the aerospace shuttle, rocket, submarine, etc., such as combustion chamber, combustion conduit, turbine pump, etc. For example, wc-103 NB HF Ti high temperature niobium based alloy is a high-quality aerospace material, used as rocket accelerator nozzle, spacecraft propulsion afterburner and nozzle valve.

5. Tantalum carbide is used as the additive of cemented carbide. Cemented carbide is mainly used as cutting tools, tools, dies and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant structural parts. Adding TAC can improve its hardness, strength, melting point and other properties. NBC can also be used. Its performance is inferior to that of TAC

6. The main additive of steel is microalloyed steel with niobium, which can refine the steel grain and improve the strength and toughness of steel. About 75% niobium should be used in this field

7. As a superconducting material, Nb Ti alloy is the most widely used and most widely used superconducting material, such as nb47ti, which has an important application in high-energy physics and is the first choice of practical superconducting material for high-energy particle accelerators such as Large Hadron Collider and heavy ion collider; Nb3Sn is the second only practical superconducting material after NB ti.

8. Tantalum oxide and niobium oxide are the raw materials for the production of tantalum niobium artificial crystals Ta2O5 and Nb2O5 are the raw materials for the production of LT, LN and other crystals. LT and LN are important piezoelectric, thermoelectric and nonlinear optical materials, which have important applications in the fields of laser and micro acoustic surface wave technology.

9. Application in the atomic energy industry NB has small neutron capture cross section, high thermal conductivity and strength. It can be used as a nuclear fuel cladding material, a nuclear fuel alloy additive, and a structural material of heat exchanger Tantalum surface in the atomic energy reactor to form a dense and stable amorphous oxide film with high dielectric strength, which is easy to accurately and conveniently control the anodizing process of the capacitor. At the same time, tantalum powder sintering The block can obtain a large surface area in a small volume, so tantalum capacitor is the best capacitor with small volume, large capacity, low leakage current, long service life and excellent comprehensive performance. It is not only smaller than other capacitors such as ceramic, aluminum, film and so on, but also has high capacity and stable function under normal conditions, and it is not competent by many other capacitors Normal operation under conditions. Because tantalum capacitors have many outstanding characteristics that other capacitors can't compare with, in the field of microelectronics science and surface mount technology, there is almost no equivalent alternative to other capacitors, so 60-65% tantalum is used to make tantalum capacitors in the form of capacitor grade tantalum powder and tantalum wire.

As niobium and tantalum belong to the same family of associated metals, there are many similarities in performance. Compared with aluminum capacitors, niobium and tantalum have the advantages of high specific capacity, low equivalent series resistance, and easy to chip. After development, niobium may replace about 10% of aluminum capacitors. Compared with tantalum, the main disadvantage of making capacitors is large leakage current (generally 5-10 times of tantalum, low breakdown voltage (< 10V), low working temperature (< 105 ℃), not suitable for making capacitors with high reliability requirements and rated voltage, but in the range of low voltage (< 10V), large capacity (> 100 μ f), niobium capacitors may partially replace tantalum capacitors of this grade.


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