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ITO manufacturers face new business opportunities, touch screen applications are hot


China touch screen network news

Beijing time on October 26th news, China touch screen network news, touch screen technology was born in the 1970s US military. In recent years, ipods music players and later iphonesss have become the driving force behind the development of touch screens. With the popularity of these two new applications, the development of touch screens has been greatly promoted. iSuppli has predicted that the global shipment of major touch screen technology will increase from $2.4 billion in 2006 to $4.4 billion in 2012. Faced with such rapid growth, touch screen technology and industry are also rapidly changing and developing. Due to the expansion of production by major manufacturers, the number of ITO film suppliers used in the two main types of touch screen technologies, namely resistive and capacitive touch screens, has been limited, resulting in the shortage of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film supply in the touch screen market in the past two years. .

The demand for touch screens has increased, and the growth of upstream ITO conductive film capacity has lagged.

Jiangnan Securities analysis believes that the demand for touch screens increased significantly in 2007, while the growth rate of upstream ITO conductive film production lags behind, resulting in tight supply, and the relevant manufacturers have obtained higher interest rates. Jiangnan Securities analysts believe that after the PDA market bubble in 2002, touch screen material suppliers have not expanded their products for a long time.

According to Displaybank, the global total production of ITO conductive film in 2007 increased by only 13.4% year-on-year. In 2007, touch screen manufacturers were constrained by the upstream ITO conductive film supply restrictions, and capacity expansion was blocked. In 2008, the total output of ITO conductive film increased by 71.2%, especially the leading manufacturer, Nitto Denko, which began to expand production capacity in April 2008.

In 2008, the supply of ITO conductive film shifted from the supply shortage in 2007 to the balance between supply and demand. Hong Jinwei, president of Suzhou Haorui Microelectronics Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Electronics News that the current supply of ITO film tends to be normal. Now the high-end membrane production technology is mainly in the hands of Japanese manufacturers, such as Nitto Denko, Oike Industrial, etc., other materials such as conductive polymers, carbon nanotubes, ATO (AntimonyTinOxide) and other materials manufacturers in the future. If you can solve the problem of transparency and square resistance well, you have a chance. Similarly, domestic ITO manufacturers have the opportunity to participate in market competition if they can solve these technical problems.

Domestic ITO manufacturers have fiercely competitive touch screens to provide new development space

After more than 20 years of development, China's ITO industry has entered a mature stage, but due to the rapid development of its downstream display industry, the ITO industry continues to have new opportunities and new developments. The ITO film has two trends in the future. One is that the LCD panel manufacturer has completed it by itself, and no need to supply the coating product in the external factory. The other one is the accessory factory. The currently seen application is the touch screen, and the touch screen changes from resistance to capacitance. Coating products offer new development opportunities.

Due to the abundant production capacity of low-end and mid-end ITO products, high-end products such as ITO conductive glass for touch screens are becoming a new hot spot for domestic ITO manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers are striving to improve R&D level and product quality to cope with new business opportunities. The relevant person in charge of Leybold said in an interview with the reporter of China Electronics News that at present, there are many domestic ITO manufacturers. In order to avoid price wars, differentiated competition is the way for enterprises to go. The touch screen is a new application area that Leybold is very concerned about.

The relevant person in charge of CSG said in an interview with the reporter of China Electronics News that CSG is currently a relatively large glass production group in China. In the ITO conductive glass business, CSG is mainly positioned at the high end, mainly STN and touch screen related products. . "At present, the overall application market growth of ITO glass is not obvious. Now it is necessary to find new applications. The touch screen is a new direction." The person in charge said.

Integrating Industrial Chain Resources to Develop China's Touch Screen Industry

Touch screens are everywhere around us. At present, there are several types of touch screens: resistive, capacitive (surface capacitive and inductive capacitive), surface acoustic wave, infrared, bending wave, active digital conversion. And optical imaging.

They can be divided into two categories, one requires ITO, such as the first three touch screens; the other type does not require ITO, such as the latter screens. Currently, resistive touch screens and capacitive touch screens using ITO materials are the most widely used on the market.

In 2007, Nitto Denko, a high-end film manufacturer of touch screens, invested 1.8 billion yen to increase the production of electrode films for touch screens. It is understood that the company's electrode film consists of two layers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and a transparent electrode ITO layer (indium tin oxide). By turning PET into two layers, durability and input are improved, and input can be achieved with a tap. In April 2008, the company increased its production capacity by three times.

From the current point of view, China's ITO manufacturers still have a long way to go if they really want to enter the touch screen field. From the history of touch screen development, the touch screen exhibits periodic development characteristics. Objectively speaking, the growth of the current touch screen market has brought a rare opportunity for domestic manufacturers to develop and transform. In the STN/CSTN era, domestically-developed manufacturers, which have been greatly developed in the STN/CSTN era, have been suppressed by TFTs and their business growth has been hindered. Driven by the development of the current touch screen market, many of the original coating technologies have achieved a gorgeous turn, ushered in a new high-speed business growth.



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